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Must Have Qualifications for Property Managers in New Hampshire

In order for any property management company to appear on any list of PROPERTY MANAGERS IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, there are some requirements which the law dictates they must meet. If you are thinking of starting your own real estate and properties company you need to bear this in mind lest you find yourself on the wrong side of the law. It will also assure you of more benefits from the business. As for those seeking to invest in the real estate industry, ensure that the property you purchase is managed by qualified personnel so you get quality for your money. What are these qualifications?

Real estate broker’s license

This is a must have for all property management companies in the New Hampshire region. The activities carried out by property managers including renting, listing, leasing and negotiating about properties among other activities are considered as real estate practices. According to the law, a license is required by anyone with the intention to carry out these activities. Once the management company has acquired this license, salespersons working under it can carry out all these tasks. All managers however need to be licensed appropriately in order to be qualified for the job. There are a few exceptions to this requirement including property owners and buyers who do not act as brokers but rather as independent parties. In order to confirm exceptions to this requirement, it is advisable that a person contacts the NEW HAMPSHIRE REAL ESTATE COMMISSION. From here, you can also find out which managers have been licensed and which have not.

Age and experience

All real estate managers must be of the age of 18years and above, that is to say that he or she needs to be an adult in order to be licensed. Evidence of experience in the real estate field needs to be provided too. The minimum is at least a year as a full-time real-estate salesperson or 2000 hours for those working part-time. This is set to ensure that managers know exactly what goes on in the field and therefore can easily guide others in making the right steps towards success.


In order to be considered a manager in the real estate industry in NEW HAMPSHIRE, one needs to fulfill two educational qualifications. The first is to attend at least 60hours of Real Estate related schooling at a commission- approved institution and show proof. The second is to sit for the real estate broker Examination, pass and apply for licensing within six months upon completion.

Other requirements

In order to make it to the list of property managers in New Hampshire legally, you need to show proof of trustworthiness. Along with this, every manager applicant needs to pay a surety bond of not less than $25,000. Well, property is expensive and the people you are dealing with need to e assured that they can trust you fully.

For all looking for property managers you can trust do not just believe them because a friend said you can. Ensure that they fulfill all the above requirements and you will not regret hiring them for your business or conducting business with them.